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Relationship counseling to improve communication and show you how to have the relationship God intended.


Individualized and customized plans designed to help with your particular needs.

Religious Based

Helps provide a better understanding of Gods design of us.

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Angel Christian Counseling

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Dr. Charles Hodges, Counselor & Coach

Are you experiencing  relationship problems, life issues, or a crisis?

Dr. Charles is a relationship expert who treats persons involved in interpersonal relationship conflicts and life crisis’.  Dr. Charles promotes a short-term, fast-track counseling plan to help people get on their feet quickly. Dr. Charles believes in a win-win situation, where everybody wins. He is trained to assess, diagnose and treat individuals, couples, families and children.  The goal is to help people find a more satisfying and productive life filled with positive happy relationships. Don’t give up on yourself, take actions and solve your problems! You can do it!

Dr. Charles specializes in the treatment of depression and anxiety, as well as couples communication, infidelity, substance abuse issues and blended family problems.  Dr. Charles will help determine the source of your problems, find the hidden triggers that cause conflict, teach you how to manage your frustrations, and help you rebuild your relationships. For individuals, couples, teens and families who are seeking help with dealing with unresolved issues, Dr. Charles can help.  He believes people have the ability to change and grow.  Even small changes can lead to big changes.

         Dr. Charles uses a faith-based approach which incorporates Bible wisdom, temperament therapy and modern psychology.   He utilizes a holistic approach that promotes a healthy body, mind and spirit.  Dr. Charles can help you get on the path to become “successful in life” through career coaching, and financial and debt counseling.  Take the steps needed to improve and better your life today. You can do it!

Dr. Charles was the 2012 winner of the "Best of Lansing Award in Credit and Debt Counseing" services by the Lansing Award Program committee, and the “Best of Lansing 2008 Counseling Services Award” (US Local Business Association).

Now, so we may help you help others.

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  • Marriage & Family
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  • Substance & Addiction
  • Sexual Therapy
  • Death & Grief
  • Cognitive & Ethics
  • Crisis & Abuse
  • Domestic Violence & Intervention
  • Group Therapy
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GOD’S FAVOR, PROMISE & ADVANTAGE: The Truth is that God Promises to provide for, empower and bless you for your faith and obedience! Abundant life is God’s Reward & Advantage! God wants you to be happy, healthy, wealthy & wise! (Deut.8 & 28, Prov.3, Mali.3:9, Luke6:38, John 10:10, 3John1:2)
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