ANGEL Christian Counseling & Coaching Center,

Dr. Charles Hodges BBA, MTD, Ph.D.,

**National Christian Counselors Association**
Pastoral Christian Counselor
3027 Westwood Ave. , Lansing, Michigan 48906
Office Counseling Only (517) 256-5844
Phone Counseling Only (877) 55 ANGEL

Angel Christian Center & Break-Free Seminars presents – Dr. Charles

**Relationship Help** (Strife Eliminator- Praise Builder),
-MODEL Relationship System – 7 Steps
-Communication – Assertiveness
-Conflict Resolution – Options – Priorites
-Relationship Salvation For Unfaithfulness
-Healing History by Confession, Forgiveness & faith
-Miracle Change through Bible Scriptures
-Pray For Jesus’ Miracles, Confession, Repentance,
Forgiveness, Change, Determination, Commitment, Persistence,
Endurance, Perseverance, Discipline, Success, Victory

**Family** -House Rules for Establishing Order, Authority & Respect (RoofRules)
-Reward & Discipline Plan
-Family System Dynamics – Rights, Roles & Rules (Boundaries)
-Chores Chart & Daily Task Schedule
-Top 10 Basic Needs
-Blended Families – Order & Respect

**Financial Budgeting**
– Be A Good Steward, 1st Give A Tithe To The Lord
(10%), 2nd Pay Your Bills (40%), 3rd Save & Invest (30%) & 4th
Spend (20%).
-Fantastic Financial Future Club- Follow the Financial Teachings
From the Bible & Dr. Charles! God Will Bless The Socks Off You,
You Will Live Happier & Retire Prosperous (Happy, Healthy,
Wealthy & Wise). [Malachi 3]

**Start A Dreams** List – Find Your God Given Calling & Passion
-Start Researching – Explore Your Calling
-Goal Setting & Prioritizing

**Design Your Environment To Work For You.**
-Eat Healthy Food
-Wimpy Workouts Really Work.
-Fitness Forever Club

**Minister & Faith Coach** (Good News, Promises, & God’s
-Find Your Identity – Child of God, Royal Heir of King Jesus, Prince
& Princess, Ambassador
-Find Your Purpose – Stop Wandering Aimlessly & Find True
Meaning & Purpose For Living!
-Find Your Promises – God’s Word Promises Us Power, Protection,
Guidance, Blessings & Prosperity (Happy, Healthy, Wealthy &
Wise), Favor, Advantage & much more.
God Loves You!
-Find A Church Home – We Must Attach To The Body of Christ
Jesus To Receive Our Treasure of Blessings (Identity, Purpose &
Promises). Faith Comes By Hearing The Word of God – Preaching
& Teaching in Church & Bible Study Classes [Roma.10:17]

**Corporate Morale**

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