Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine is growing larger and larger every year because
herbal medicines do not have all the difficult side effects that
medications have. I always recommend that people first try
herbals before they try medications from the doctor. God’s
healing system outlined in the Bible is to follow God’s prescribed order of:

1) Supernatural Divine Intervention
2) Natural treatments & Remedies
3) Medical and pharmacological treatments (doctors, surgery & medicine).

In our Western culture we fail to follow God’s order and we run to
the doctor first and we take medicine like it is candy. People are
dying from bad drug interactions and side effects, and drugs
should be used as a last resort. We need to return to following
God’s order and start saving lives.

Dr. Charles used to be skeptical about herbal medicine, but I
changed my thinking. I did a gall bladder cleanse, colon cleanse,
body detoxification, liver cleanse and brought my cholesterol way
down. All the herbals worked perfectly with no side effects. My
medical doctor is amazed about the results from using herbals,
and he has started using them himself. Proof is in the pudding, try
it yourself and you too will be sold on using herbals. Good results
sold me and it will sell you also.

The most terrible problem that I have in my personal life and in the
life of my clients is what I call the WAR ON ANXIETY &
DEPRESSION! I personally struggle with moderate levels of
anxiety that have disabled periods of my life. Many of my clients
come into session with bug eyed panicky anxiety or doom and
gloom awful depression. Everyone is resistant (fights against it)
to taking herbals or medication until their life gets so painful that
they cannot go on. I watch as anxiety and depression chokes the
life and zeal out of people and I cry inside with sadness. I pray to
the Lord and beg him to help me break through people resistance,
have them confess their problem and agree to try herbals to kill
their anxiety and depression. That is why I have a war on anxiety
and depression.

These two diseases (anxiety & depression) are a plague to
Christians trying to live a life of joy and happiness. I challenge
people daily about being responsible and beating their anxiety and
depression. Technically, anxiety and depression are simply a
chemical imbalance in our neurological system that needs
balancing. There are gates in our mind that open and close and
regulate the flow of chemicals into our bodies. When our gates
open too fast and let the flow of chemical (seretonin, dopamine
etc…) flow into our body too fast we experience anxiety. When
our gates open too slowly and inhibit the flow of chemicals into out
bodies we experience depression. So anxiety and depression
should not be viewed as negative ugly mental illnesses only,
because then fear distorts our hope for healing. Thinking in more
positive terms, anxiety and depression are simply chemical
imbalances that need to be balanced. Taking natural treatments
like herbals or medical treatments like psychotropics can balance
and regulate the flow of chemicals. The ANSWER TO THE WAR
ON ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION is simply to balance our
chemical imbalance. Then we can live life with joy, happiness and

I know that many Churches do not believe in the devil, and for a
period in my life I did not believe in the devil either. But when
trials, troubles and tribulations hit my life with hurricane wind and
water forces I started believing that there has to be an author of
all the pain, agony and misery that I was experiencing. Today I
believe in the devil not fanatically but soberly. The Bible states
that in this life you will have trials, troubles and tribulations, but
“Take Heart, I have overcome the World” (John 16:33). The devil
& evil are real, but with Jesus we will overcome everything (beat,
win, be victorious). Jesus has taken the sting out of death and
has overcome (beaten) the devil (Luke 10:19).

With this in mind, I have heard preachers and the Word of God
state that the devil is the god of this world (worldly & fleshly), the
god of the air (roaming like a lion) & the Master of the Emotions.
the worst power that the devil possesses is that he is the master
of the emotions. The master of emotions uses the weapons of
war – ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION to disable and cripple people
emotionally. All the evil one has to do is screw up our emotions
(anxiety & depression) and we will become worthless and
ineffective as children of God and Christians. When our emotions
are messed up we can’t keep relationships or jobs and our life
comes crashing down around us. Our personal health and well
being begins to suffer. We sleep too little or too much and our
immune system weakens. Sickness & disease attracts to us like
magnets. Our spirits scream with panic attacks & worry or it
drowns in bitterness & despair. Our lives spiral downward into a
pit and we hit bottom. We are so down trodden that we feel
hopeless and aimless. We do not want to go on in life it is too

That is not the end of the story. There is Jesus Christ and the
Good News. Remember Jesus has overcome the evil one and
won the battle. Now we have to use Jesus’ weapons to climb up
out of pit of despair and stand up tall. God’s Bible states three
channels of healing and they are (1) Supernatural Divine
Intervention, (2) Natural treatments & Remedies, and (3) medical
and pharmacological treatments (doctors, surgery & medicine).
Get busy and get healthy today. Stop living in your pain, Jesus
want to free and release you today!


A complex of the top herbals to fight against anxiety & depression
& balance your moods.
**Warning – Stress-Ez cannot be used with other psychological

Botanic Gardens – Indiana
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Thomas Nelson Publishers, Nashville TN.

Echinacea – Goldenseal – Garlic – Grape seed
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