Corporate Morale

**Corporate Morale**

(Stress Eliminator – Morale Booster)

Communication, Conflict Resolution, Morale, Reward Systems

Dr. Charles started his career working in the business world in a company called Multi – Ventures Inc. – restaurants, truck stops, convenience stores and more. I developed a human resources department and an operations manual for all units.

This included employee handbooks, a progressive disciplinary system, pay scales, wage ladders, performance evaluations, training programs and more. Since then I have added my teachings on communications techniques (communications model, assertiveness, mirroring & matching), de-escalation techniques (difficult customers & employees), conflict resolution (negotiation & options) and building morale through fair policies and procedures.

All my teachings in this area are based on fairness and a win/win situation. Where both management wins and the employee wins. Spelling out the company rules and advancement policies make the job easier for the management staff as well as the employees. This system is based on a merit system where the hard workers and performers are promoted and the poor workers are weeded out. With clear rules in place, the poor workers are really punishing and firing themselves and all management has to do is dot the I’s and cross the T’s! This simplifies management’s job greatly, and the productive good workers are rewarded. Morale and company pride goes up, up up! This fairness also discourages union organization because it takes the place of a union. With an operations manual, employee handbooks and performance evaluations, there is no need for a union. The employees have a fair ladder to climb, and unions are not needed. Management please take note of this important fact!

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