I believe that there are 1000 different Churches in the world for 1000 different personalities in the world. I believe that not one Church has all the answers, but instead a combination of the whole depicts God’s real true nature. I have personally visited and attended every possible Church and denomination that I could find. In my quest and faith journey, I found beautiful people, Gospel truths, and heartfelt spiritual experiences in every single Church that I visited. I also found weaknesses and grumpy people in all the churches. All Churches and denominations have strengths and weaknesses. My faith journey takes me to a Church that fits my personality “most”, my strengths and my weaknesses. I am like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, trying 3 different things until I find just the right one. I believe that there are three groups of Churches in the world:

1. Traditional Churches (PAPA BEAR) (Catholic, Lutheran, Presbyterian, Episcopalian & Methodist etc…)
2. Moderate Churches (MAMA BEAR) (Baptists, Nazarene, Wesleyans, Reformed, non-denominational etc…)
3. Pentecostal/ Charismatic Churches (BABY BEAR) (Pentecostal, Charismatic, Assemblies of God, Church of God, non-denominational etc…)

I have worshipped in all three groups (3 bears) and have found God in all three. I tell all my clients to shop around for a Church that fits your personality. You do not have to follow your parents Church tradition. They had their choice to choose their Church. Now it is your choice to choose your Church. Find a Church with people like you, where you feel comfortable and at home. Find a Church that fits your personality. Please remember that all Churches that follow the Bible and it’s teachings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the preaching, teaching, Communion, Baptism, serving, missions and spreading the Good News to the world are good. Go shop around and have fun!

On a personal note, I would like to share a little of my faith journey to help you see God working in my life. Half of my life, I lived without God and I struggled and lived paycheck to paycheck. I could not make ends meet in my life or catch a break for nothing! Everything that I tried in my own effort seemed to hopelessly fail or be mediocre at best. I am a pretty smart person, so I would think to myself, if I would just try a little harder or put in a little more effort, my breakthrough was just around the corner. It never came! All the money that I was earning was just used up and vanished. I tried to save a lot, but only a little would remain. Do you recognize this story? Do you struggle to survive in life? Is the world beating you at its game? Are you looking for your breakthrough just around the corner?

I was living by the World’s Principle of Selfishness and doing things my way. I was the center of my universe, and my thoughts, perceptions, wisdom, knowledge and understanding were severely limited by my view of life. The Principle of Selfishness incorporates the “6 Reasons People Reject & Deny God”:

1. Secret Sexuality
2. Escaping Intoxication
3. Thrilling Crime
4. Exciting Deception
5. Arrogant Intellectualism
6. Luxurious Greed

I was following these principles and my life was crashing and burning around me. I was completely mixed up and miserable at the same time. The ways of the world are exciting and thrilling at first, but it never lasts. Later on, what was once exciting and thrilling becomes suffocating, trapping, bondage and imprisonment. What I thought was freedom (pleasure) was really bondage. What I thought was bondage (GOD) was really freedom! I could not win in life no matter what. Everything that I did fell short. I was barely getting by, struggling, confused and unhappy.

Then in December 1984 (George Orwell’s famous book “1984”), I found God and His love totally transformed and improved my life magnificently. I had an extra terrestrial visitation of the third kind, an out of body experience, a haunting ghostly experience, a spiritual epiphany and a Holy Spirit touch down! “I met God!” I was sent by the president of my company to run a 2.1 million dollar restaurant in Fredericksburg, Virginia. I was in my hotel room after hosting a banquet for ministers, priests and rabbi’s, and pondering what some ministers said to me about faith and salvation. I opened a Gideon’s Bible and read a Bible verse that was written in 25 languages around the world, “John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only-begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. In a miraculous moment, it was like a light turned on and I saw for the first time. I felt Jesus Christ’s presence in my room. I was startled and I saw a warm glowing light like a fireplace that filled the room and warmed me. For a man that never cried, I cried for 2 hours straight. For the first time in my life, I knew that I was not alone. This Jesus guy that died 2000 years ago was right there in my room with me. I was confused, amazed, awe-struck and I felt more loved then I have ever felt before.

The second part of my life, I am living with Jesus Christ (my Lord & Savior) as the center of my universe. I have found my breakthrough around the corner, I am now beating the world at its own game, I am now thriving and surviving and I am making it! God’s super-natural helps are super-charging my natural world. All that I do in the natural world to provide and survive for my family is now blessed, increased and multiplied by God. In this world, God promises to reward your faith and obedience with favor, promises and principles that will provide for, empower and bless you to make you happy, healthy, wealthy and wise. Following God’s Biblical Promises & Principles of finance, investing, stewardship, administration, health, healing, wholeness, relationships and more, will make you a smashing success in life! As a Christian, I am now living under God’s Favor. Won’t you come and join me and enjoy the faith journey!

GOD’S FAVOR, PROMISE & ADVANTAGE: The Truth is that God Promises to provide for, empower and bless you for your faith and obedience! Abundant life is God’s Reward & Advantage! God wants you to be happy, healthy, wealthy & wise! (Deut.8 & 28, Prov.3, Mali.3:9, Luke6:38, John 10:10, 3John1:2)

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